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Developing and Guiding You Through Management Thought Processes &

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 Context Capital Asset Management, LLC provides commercial construction management services such as Resident Engineering, Owner’s Project Management, Contract Administration, Deferred Maintenance Planning, Draw Down Inspections, Arbitration,  Resource Allocation for Construction projects, Preventative Maintenance System development,  Pre-Construction Services such as Inter-Disciplinary Checks and Coordination, Construction Document and Existing Condition Reviews. Conciliation and Arbitration.

Technological Advancements for multiple use cases.  360 Camera Digital Twin Development for Record Drawings and Change Order Management.

Context Capital Asset Management, LLC uses B2B and B2C models.


The Owner of Context has over a quarter century of experience in the Commercial Public and Private Sectors.  Our niche is currently with the public sector and are involved in unique horizontal and vertical projects of various sizes and complexities.  We are currently embarking on unique projects within the Northampton area community.


Context Capital Asset Management, LLC is a Massachusetts Woman Business Enterprise, recently developing a market strategy for various industry product development. 


Call us  so we can determine how we can assist you in your development goals. 


Our Clients are the pillars of society and well-informed experts.  We listen to their every need.   

Context Capital Asset Management provides complete transparency in our accounting methods, creativity, high level reporting and detailed documentation as well as the ability to develop our client's vision. 



  Designing and constructing capital asset projects, as you very well know, can be complex.  As Owner's Project Managers, we will guide you through the design and construction public and private control processes.   We will help you achieve your vision and determine your needs.  Whether you are building a one hundred thousand or a multi million-dollar project, we understand the approach will be different with every client and every project.  Therefore, our services to you will be completely tailored to meet the individual project's demands. Let us lead you through the complexities by identifying and tracking the risks and resolving potential issues. 

Feel free to give us a call or read on to learn more.  


Context Capital Asset Management, LLC

Mayfair Manor  

123 South Street, No. 2

Northampton, MA 01060

Tel: 413-320-6469

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