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Our Main Goal Is To Assist In Developing Your Vision and Delivering Your Capital Asset Needs

Melissa Frydlo, Owner and Project Manager


Melissa Frydlo opened Context Capital Asset Management , LLC, a Massachusetts Registered Company, on November 12, 2017.  Melissa has been in the building industry for over 25 years. She enjoys serving her clients so much she decided to go into consulting so she can give the absolute best, focused service. Melissa and her team will provide personalized service during each process and each phase.   




We have the ability to create a team to meet the project objectives and assist you as our client in developing the program, feasibility study, and conceptual design decisions.  We will develop teams that will provide expertise, take your usual work load into consideration and will involve you fully on the necessary decision-making processes and final decisions.  We are excited to have you as our prospect.  

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Context Code of Conduct
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Context Partners






Context is familiar with and adheres to PMI, CMAA, CLARB, NCARB, ASCE, NEMCA as well as other professional codes of ethics and best practices.  We engage with only the best professionals, builders and tradesmen. Please continue Reading.





We are very eager to embark on a project with you.  Our business models vary from business to business and business to client.  On March 23, 2018 Context became a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Certified Supplier Diversity Office Woman Business Enterprise.  Feel free to reach out. 



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