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All Things Built

Context is rolling out a new business line to take aspiring national and international authors through the United States Publishing Process. We will educate you on publishing on our platform. We have nearly three decades in the AEC Industry and will add value by offering new viewpoints in the industry.  Subjects include AI in the AECO Industry, Emerging Technology in the AECO Industry, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Energy, Economic Development. All things built. Our goal is to build our portfolio and in time offer advances to authors.  We offer book tours and advertising.  Do you know someone with a wealth of knowledge but may not be able to read or write?  We will help them get them published. 

We are creative influencers who aspire toward the local, regional, national and world-wide communities.  We build community together.  Bluesuit Publishing is a creative outlet. Bluesuit is building on-line communities to develop extraordinary accomplishments and shape the built-world. In 2021, the AECO Industry hosts 2.7 million architects throughout the world and in the United States there are 288,800 mechanical engineers, over 54,625 Civil and Structural Engineers, 140,137 Architects, 188,300 Electrical Engineers, 27,852 architecture students from 1,800 architecture and engineering accredited programs.  We are tapping into this wealth of knowledge and highlighting unique perspectives for our media and publishing business line.  Our Mission is to develop a platform to raise money to preserve historic landmark buildings, build community, build skills and develop technology.

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