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Cross Platform Correspondence Course – Responding to Construction Management Reddit r/ConstructionManagers

Q: Which side of the General Contractor construction requires the least number of hours?

AA:   All answers were fantastic, especially the humorous ones.   My suggestion; you can work as much or as little as you want in any profession.  If you want a short day, what would that look and feel like? If you want a long day, what would that look and feel like? Take action, try out both, then modify to meet your desired balance, lifestyle and energy levels. Income allows you the freedom and balance. Experience and empowerment are your rewards.


Advanced AA: Developing your professional reality takes trial and error to get exactly what you want.  Time assists us in figuring out exactly what we want to experience. Mastering this skill is a process and a fun one at that. Manipulating the energy in this dimension and what we are here to master, daily.   Team work, continuing to gain experience, and strategizing with your teammates are wonderful professional goals. 

Do you share similar professional goals? 

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*AA Stands for Authentic Answer

Authored by: Melissa Frydlo

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