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A Free Construction Management Correspondence Course with the Use of ChatGPT

Why is Chat GPT essential? Chat GPT also known as Gernerative Pre-Trained Transformer helps writers, students, retirees, entrepreneurs and professionals get into and stay flow, develop synapses and get instant answers to your questions. Not only does it save time, but it makes time. Chat GPT provides an unbiased, fresh perspective in the field of Design and Construction. Chat GPT answers are clearly written and plays an intellectual role in the evolution of humans, civilization and education. I agree with academia’s decision to not allow Chat GPT. However, Chat GPT was developed so students, professionals and the human race can advance quicker and stay in flow longer.

Concap Construction Management courses are on the leading edge. Our assignments will required the use of this new learning tool. Chat GPT was already tested for accuracy in construction management and is a Concap-verified research tool.

Differences between Chat GPT and any other search engine like Bing, Yahoo or Google is that is it packaged in the most appealing manner with straight forward answers and no advertisements. In fact, Chat GPT provides the basics, through deep learning which is essentially the scientific method. The student is required to develop a question, read and adding their experiences and knowledge, by turning it into an authentic assignment. This is the most advance pedadogy. Chat GPT helps me in understanding and explaining in my work life, as an entrepreneur and a student of life.

Come join us for a free, open workshop to discusss what you want to learn about in Construction Management.

  • Fundamentals in Construction Mangement

  • Construction Management Innovation

  • Educate the Educator - Market Place Construction Technology Recommendations

  • How to think in construction: The contruction industry additude and vision

  • Excerpts and extrapolation

  • Perks - Mastermind to innovate and create

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