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One Way of Organizing Construction Photos

There are multiple ways of organizing files. I typically like to create my own system in Mircosoft file manager. Fortunately, my organization is connected to the cloud for continuous back up. Start off by organizing your project by project if you have multiple projects then within each project you can have a generic filing system which grows as the progress continues. Organization is part of professionalism and retrieving information in a timely manner is your main responsibility in construction management. The quicker you can retrive information, the more valuable your are to the team.

Fig. 1 - First order the main project files sequentially.

Fig. 2 - Click on the Digital Image file.

Fig. 2 - Organized by date. If it is a multiple year project, use numbers in your fomat or you can simple organize by date. 2023.4.5, 2023.5.1. On this project, I chose to organize by month and then by date.

Fig. 4 - This is what the daily files look like within the monthly files.

Fig. 5 - Lastly, you can see how the progress photos are filed.

Again, there are multiple ways to file digital images such as by Specification Division, by Uniformat, by issue or by change order.

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