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The Evolution of Work Flow Management

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

From Agile to Scrum to Kanban to KingPin

Melissa Frydlo 2-3-22

The word Kanban in Japanese, means sign. Like Agile, Kanban workflow process is displayed on a vertical surface for all to read, was inspired by the Japanese quality control manufacturing workflow system. Complex projects require scientific approaches to properly manage and communicate the progress and identity potential risks.

Context Capital Asset Mgmt., LLC has studied, implemented and modified Kanban, a software workflow management method to meet construction management and architectural design process workflow needs. The process is called KingPin.

This idea was inspired not only by software project management but also by the manmade, Connecticut River extension in Northampton called the Oxbow. The Oxbow played a fundamental role in log drive of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A "king pin", when pulled out, is a log that frees up a log jam.

Kingpin can be applied to all contract deliverables such as schedule development and schedule management, from plan review, estimating, controls, contract administration, shop drawing reviews, change order and closeout management.

KingPin has the ability to drill down to the minutest detail and track all steps in your project so anyone can pick up the ball where it was left off.

If there is in fact a log jam or stoppage where tasks are building up and information is no longer flowing, it is easily identified on the board, visually. Multiple, if not all team members will shift their focus aka "swarm" to find the kingpin and pull it out of the log jam so the work flow can continue.


  • Tracks all the details so you can stay ahead in planning

  • Anyone can join the team at any time

  • Eliminates redundancy

  • Accurate information

  • No meetings, only daily 15-minute standup

  • Efficient communication tool

  • An easy way to collect data for AI and for your company's CIP (continual improvement process).

This tool is not only effective for the design and construction teams but also builds client confidence when observing this level of detail and progress at any time. KingPin is a superior project management workflow process system.

Most importantly, with a quick review, the project manager can determine exactly where we are in the Kingpin process and easily provide accurate high-level reporting to the owner at any time. This can be achieved by comparing KingPin open and closed activities with the schedule activities, lead time logs, budget, forecasting, cash flow and other industry standard management tools.

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